Channel & Accessories

With the whole range of Channel you’ll find the profiles, channel nuts, cantilever brackets, fittings and accessories you are after. Scroll down for more detail.


Channel Profiles

  • 41x41x2.5mm
  • 41x62x2.5mm
  • 41x82x2.5mm
  • 41x21x2.5mm
  • 41x41x1.6mm
  • 41x21x1.6mm
 Plain, HDG, G316SS, Galvabond & Aluminum
 HDG, Galvabond
 HDG, Welded Back to Back
 Plain, HDG, G316SS, Galvabond & Aluminum
  • All profiles available in solid & slotted finish.
  • 41x41x2mm
Fiberglass 3 Mtr


Channel Nuts

  • M6, M8, M10, M12, M16
  • Long, Short & No Spring
  • ZP, HDG & G316SS
  • M6 Trunking Nuts ZP & HDG




Cantilever Brackets

  • Standard
  • Braced
150, 300, 450, 600 and 750mm long
320, 470, 640, 780mm and 935mm long




Channel Fittings

  • Angle brackets
  • Flat plates
  • Base plates
  • Cross-over brackets
  • Beam clamps
  • Joiners




  • Plastic cover strip in 3m lengths
  • End caps 41x41 and 41x21
  • Premounted nuts M8x40 and M10x40
  • 2 & 4 Wheel Strut Trolleys





  • Threaded rod
  • Bolts and set screws
  • Hex nuts
  • Washers - Flat and Spring
  • Masonry anchors

All of the above available in ZP, HDG or G316SS



Caddy Pyramid - Support Systems for Roof and Floor Applications

  • Protect the roof top membrane from damage
  • Supports steel pipe, copper tube and electrical conduit
  • Consists of a block of durable, UV resistant, flexible, closed-cell ETHAFOAM polyethylene foam with a section of Eri-Strut channel bonded into it
  • Absorbs vibrations and shock
  • Accommodates expansion and contraction of piping
  • Saves time by allowing use of standard strut clamps and accessories
  • Eliminates on-site cutting, drilling and measuring - reducing total installation time

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