The Complete Pipe Support System From Europe.

From the L/Duty Pressix range to the Framo 80 structural supports. We have the correct mechanical & pipe support system for any application.


Pressix 27 Channel

  • 27 x 27 x 3Mtr lengths.  
  • Slotted base for ease of supporting. 
  • Moulded 3D corrugated Edges & Sides guarantee torsional Strength.
  • Electro-Galvanised finish.




Pressix 27 Cantilevers.

  • Available from 200 - 700mm in Length. 
  • Ready to use bracket for supporting pipework to walls.  
  • For Cantilevers over 500mm we recommend a prop up brace. 
  • Electro-Galvanised finish. 




Pressix 27 Fittings.

  • Speed nuts 6 - 10mm.  
  • Block Sets 35 - 200mm length. 
  • Hold down washers. 
  • Plastic end caps. 
  • Pre assembled angle brackets & fittings. 
  • Web fittings.
  • Electro-Galvanised finish. 




Pressix 27 Beam Attachments

  • For connections to beam & girder structures.
  • Unique cut out to fit channel.
  • Must be used in pairs.
  • Up to 40mm flange thickness. 
  • Electro-Galvanised finish.  




Framo 80 Structural Support. 

  • Multifunction beam profile for industrial support structures. 
  • High torsional resistance achieved using a totally closed section. 
  • Supports can be attached to all 4 sides with no placement restrictions. 
  • Specially designed fixing holes & self-forming screws ensure precise connection.
  • HDG finish.




Framo 80 End Supports STA F 80

  • Connects directly to Framo 80 Beam Section.
  • Simply Screw on with self forming screws F 80. 
  • Enables the construction of crossbars & frames. 
  • HDG finish.





 Framo 80 End Supports WBD F 80

  • Ideal for making wall & floor mounting supports. 
  • Direct connection to building structures with beam clamp. 
  • Simply screw with self forming screws F 80.
  • HDG finish.




Framo 80 Channel Adapter SA F 80

  • Allows the compatability of 41x41 Caddy Strut to Framo 80 Beam. 
  • With the Pressix CC-Technology strut connects direct to Adapter.  
  • Ready made pipe support for Caddy clamps.
  • Interlocks with Beam section and self forming screws. 
  • HDG finish.



Self Forming Screws FLS F 80

  • Threaded self forming screw for form locking connection of Framo 80.
  • During assembly special interlocking prevents over winding.
  • Mechanical Galvanised finish.




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