Pipe Supports

With a wide variety of Pipe clips & clamps available from 6mm up to 500mm in diameter, we will have the correct support system to suit your requirements. There’s nothing our range doesn’t cover. Scroll down for the complete range.


 Standard Acoustic Insulated Clamps

  • Available to suit Copper, PVC, Steel Pipe from 125nb to 150nb

  • M8/M10 combination boss

  • Temperature range of minus 40 to plus 120 degrees C

  • Noise insulation to DIN4109

  • 200 kg work load

  • Captive screws


Hinged - Acoustic Insulated Clamps

  • Suits pipe diameters 12mm - 114mm

  • Combination M8/M10 hexagonal boss

  • Temperature range -50°C to 110°C

  • EPDM lining reduces noise up to 15dB (DIN4109)

  • SWL 122kg

  • Multiple design features for fast installation

  • Embossed sizing detail for easy identification


Super-Slide - Acoustic Insulated Clips

  • Available to suit HDPE & Plastic 16mm - 110mm

  • M8/10 combination boss

  • Temperature range -50 to - 110 degrees C

  • Acoustic Reduction to Din4109

  • Working Load 200 Kg

  • Silicon Inner Surface facilitates Longtitudinal pipe movement

  • Plastic Spacers prevents over tightening of Clip onto Pipe

  • Quick & Practical Clip in system



Apolo Quick-Clip Self Locking Clamps

  • Available to suit pipe diameters 14mm -42mm

  • For hot & cold water up to 90°C

  • Locks automatically when pipe is inserted

  • Quick fire Installation with GT-3 Gas Tools

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals & ultra violet light

  • Vibration resistant

  • Halogen Free


Stabil D-3 Pipe Clamps 

  • Available for Steel & Plastic pipes from 15mm-315mm in Diameter 

  • Unique tripe boss connection M8-M16.  

  • Robust G/Bond Material 40 x 3mm & 40 x 5mm 

  • Unique bottom fixing for 2nd support

  • Available with Rubber insulation for vibration applications



Medium & Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps

  • ER15 Saddle Clamps

  • ER16 2 Part Clamps

  • ER18 Adjustable Yoke Clamps

  • ER21 3 Bolt 2 Part Clamps.

  • Range 50nb to 400nb  

  • Material 40mm x 6mm HDG


Fire Service Range

  • Pear Bands

  • Twist Clips 

  • Saddles 

  • Nut Clips

  • U-Bolts

  • Slotted Angle 




  • Fit 41 x 41 and 41 x 21 Caddy-Strut Channel Twist Clips

  • For refrigeration pipes from ¼” to 4-1/8” diameter U-Bolts

  • Insulated against heat loss and vibration

  • Temperature range of minus 25 to plus 125 degrees C

  • Complete with locking nuts

  • Finish is zinc yellow



Channel Clips

  • Fit 41 x 41 and 41 x 21 Caddy-Strut Channel

  • For use with Ferrules (blocks), barrier strip

  • Available from 8mm to 400mm diameter

  • HDG, GalvaBond, G316 S/Steel

  • Ferrules to suit all sizes and barrier strip available



Mounting Plates

  • Male mounting plates also available

  • Central plates available in Stainless Steel


Adjustable Nogging "Barrnog" 

  • Use your noggin and use a Barrnog   


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